Blackberry 7100t as GPRS modem

September 1st, 2006

A year ago I switched over to T-Mobile from Verizon becuase of the Blackberry 7100. Now Verizon has the model (7130 I think), but that is besides the point. One feature I had hoped for was the ability to connect to the Internet using the phone when connected to my laptop via the USB port. The bluetooth on the phone is only used for headsets since RIM disables data transfer.
In the past I have attempted to setup the 7100t as a GPRS modem but with no luck. I recently ran across another site with directions on how to configure your 7100t as a GPRS modem. I ran into a slight problem with the directions, so I will write it out here.

  • The Blackberry Destop Manager needs to be open and running. (I am on 4.0)
  • Connect the phone to the computer via USB. (First time connection will prompt for installation)
  • If installed properly a new modem will be available in the “Phone and Modem Setttings” of the Control Panel.
  • The modem should show up as a Standard Modem on a higher com port (Mine is 6, others have reported 11).
  • Go to the properties of the modem and click on the Diagnostics tab.
  • Click on Query the modem and you should recive a response like thie:
    ATQ0V1E0 - OK
    AT+GMM - BlackBerry IPmodem
    AT+FCLASS=? - OK
    AT#CLS=? - OK
    AT+GCI? - OK
    AT+GCI=? - OK
    ATI1 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI2 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI3 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI4 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI5 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI6 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
    ATI7 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
  • Now click on the Advanced tab and insert AT+cgdcont=1,”IP”,””,”",0,0 in the Extra Intialization Commands line (*note this is best done manually, copy and pasting may result in a error when connecting).
  • Close out of the Modem settings and create a new network connection by going to Start>>Connect To>>Show All Connections.
  • On the left is the option to Create a new Connection.
    1. Connect to the Internet
    2. Set up my connection manually
    3. Connect using a dial-up modem
    4. Check only the Standard Modem
    5. Give the connection a name such as “T-Mobile GPRS via BB7100 USB”
    6. The phone number is *99#
    7. Connection for Anyone’s use, or not.
    8. Leave the username and passwords blank. Uncheck make this the default Internet connection.
    9. Click Finish

You should be able to connect to the Internet around 115kbps, which is more than double a phone connection. If you have any questions, I can try to help but this is about all I know of this.

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