Nephew’s, SLR’s, Mexico and HDTV

January 25th, 2007

I wanted to get something posted before the end of the year in December, but you might be able to see that didn’t happen. IT is sad too because my second nephew Reece was born on the 6th. Not only that but Annie and I purchased a Digital Rebel XTi SLR and there is some review stuff to be had with that. The camera is great and we have used it for not only the new born pictures, but we took a trip into Mexico and used it there too. All those pictures can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

The trip to Mexico was just a week ago in Monterrey. My sister had a little engagement party down there and we had a great time eating, horseback riding, eating, playing soccer or futbol, eating, four-wheeling, and did I mention eating? The food was unbelievable and I know we’ll be ready to go back in the near future.’

When we returned I installed a new Slimline 5lnb dish on the house to receive HDTV from DirecTV. The install was not too bad, but they prefer you have it done by professionals. Of course I am a professional, so I did it myself. I have one tree in the way of one of the HD sats, so I had to use my old dish in conjunction with the new one. All the talk in forums was convincing me this was not possible, but it was and I successfully mixed the slimline with the 110w SatC kit and I am receiving all the HD programming. I think one limb will have to come down soon, as the signal isn’t the best.

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