Delphi SkyFi3

July 20th, 2007

For almost two years I have used a Delphi SkyFi2 in the car for XM radio. I love the functionality of these external radios and I do not believe it would be the same if I had a head unit with XM capabilities like new cars are starting to come with. I just upgraded to the SkyFi3 because I have been looking for a dual XM radio and MP3 player. I have been wanting something to put in the car that would hold several gigs of MP3 files for my listening enjoyment. I tried to find stereos with built in hard drives or units that would except USB drives, but I never found anything that looked good.

The SkyFi3 unit has a built in microSD reader that will allow one to use it to play MP3 files. The unit also allows a user to record songs and material off the XM radio stations onto internal memory, and this content can be listened to any time whether docked in the car or on the go. It has a battery that will make the player act as a portable MP3 player with the option of listening to recorded content. I was able to purchase a couple of 2GB microSD cards that I filled up with music and can now listen to most of my music collection anytime and anywhere.

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