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November 20th, 2008

I figured I need at least one post in 2008. Things have been so busy and as always most tasks come before keeping any new information on this site. I’ll plan to pick this back up here and then add to it as needed.

Since the last post I have been to Walt Disney World twice for the food and wine festival for 2007 and 2008, I graduated with my BS/BEB and have decided to continue for my MIS degree, and we took a trip to Phoenix for the graduation to visit the Grand Canyon, play some golf find out what kind of heat things in my oven go through. I purchased a new bass guitar but have not recieved it yet since it is still be made. Once I get I will have to put it up here.

We survived IKE a few months ago and lasted without solid power for more than two weeks. The decision to buy a generator early in the outage was made and thanks to connections at Lowers we were able to secure one. After several hundred dollars in gas we managed, not too badly either, to get by with a little window a/c unit in the bedroom and some sense of normalcy. IKE left us with some damaged fence, downed trees from the neighbors and minor pool damage to the new coping. The trees that fell missed the house, but caused the damage to the pool. In the end I drained the pool to clean it and managed to find a leak in the pipes underneath the decking. Two missed approximate locations, and five holes later, the repair crew was able to fix the leak and finally two months after the hurricane the pool looks somewhat like a pool and not a pond. During all of this, I received a phone call from Annie where she began to tell my my best friend’s garage was on fire. Minutes later I get another phone call telling me he is being transported. After arriving to what is a familiar site to me, I learned that Jason had only really burnt his hand but that the medics were worried about smoke inhalation. Jason was filling his generator, thanks IKE, while it was off but still hot. The gas ignited and then his shirt and then the garage.

Speaking of house fires, pools and ponds, the neighbor’s slab is in the process of being torn up, which has added to the aesthetic look of the land. This process has only taken about five weeks to crush up and haul off the slab; regardless, the nice chain-link fence and pool/pond are still there. I can only hope for more progress to be made this year and for new neighbors sometime mid 2009.

Lastly, something which deserves its own post and will most likely get one next year is that I and many others lost a friend, mentor, and fellow firefighter with the passing of Mike ‘Coach’ Konicki on May 2nd, 2008. I knew Coach for a long time as a favorite teacher and coach at Klein and then as a fellow firefighter at station 37 for several years. All I can say now is I had know idea how hard this was going to be and how hard it still is.

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