Xbox Modification

The Xbox console was becoming more and more popular when a friend introduced me to the different games available for the Xbox. About the same time I was still reading up on the MAME cabinets, and I came across one built with an Xbox for the system. This individual modified his Xbox in order to utilize more of the parts such as the hard drive and operating system. As I found out more about the process, I was directed to Team Xecuter. Xecuter is a group that designs and manufactures mod-chips for systems like the Xbox. Their chip, when installed correctly, allows one to make backups of their games to the harddive, load different programs like mp3 players and a mame emulator, and even expand their system with a larger than 10Gb hard drive.

I decided that having an Xbox would be useful, and I would be able to have the potential to build another MAME cabinet using the hacked Xbox. Around my birthday in 04? I acquired the new Halo edition Xbox. The only difference is that it is translucent green and it came with Halo, which I was going to get anyway. My first problem was that it was a version 1.6, and the mod chips only supported version 1.0 - 1.5. It would be months before they were able to hack into the new 1.6’s.

I pretty much forgot about the whole thing for a while, but decided one day to see what the deal was with the mod-chips for a 1.6. To my surprise there was not only the chip, but Team Xecuter was in the middle of manufacturing front panel molds for modified Xbox’s. One of the abilities of the new chip was that you could add a LCD screen that displayed information about the box. It was also used to help with the MP3 play / jukebox function of the modded box.

In order to get the new chip installed it was recommended that soldering it directly to the board was best, plus there was no solderless version at the time. It had been a while but I decided to go ahead with the soldering, as I felt comfortable with my ability to complete it. The first time through was a little nerve racking especially after setting it all back up and not having it work. The support on Xecuter’s forums is very help, but I suggest you search for your answer first before posting the question. I ended up going back over all the solder points multiple time before I was able to boot the Xbox properly.

Since then I have added a 160GB harddrive, The LCD screen and the new front panel that holds the screen nicely. The dashboard (Xbox Operating System) that I am using is UnleashX. I felt it gave me the options I wanted and it has the copy Disc to HD feature, which is great for backing up games. I also have Xbox Media Center, which display the information for movies, games, software and the weather in a clean and orderly manor. I have also begun to copy my movie DVD’s to a computer and upload them onto the Xbox, so if the box goes on a trip it will have everything anyone would need to be entertained.